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Electricity Design Technology/Science Home Schooling Kit



A superb kit specifically designed in line with national curriculum guidelines for home teaching. Suitable both KS1 and KS2 electricity science. A range of simple circuits made easy and fun by following the informative guide
Ideally suited for 7 – 11 year olds, this item is not a toy but a teaching aid and should only be used under supervision of an adult
1 x Crocodile lead set pack of 10
1 x Auto Wire Stripper
1 x Reed Switch
1 x C2 Battery Holder
1 x C1 Battery Holder
1 x Push To Make Switch Red
1 x Push To Break Switch Black
10 x Motor Pulleys
5 Meters Red Wire
5 Meters Black Wire
1 x Traditional Switch
5 x 3.5 Volt Bulbs
2 x 2.5 Volt Flashing Bulbs
5 x White Bulb Holders
1 x Connector Block
1 x Battery Holder Snap on Connector
1 x 3-6 Volt Motor
1 x 3 Volt Buzzer
2 x LED 8mm Red
2 x LED 8mm Green
2 x LED 8mm Yellow
1 x Micro Switch Lever
1 x Micro Switch Roller
1 x Tilt Switch
1 x Potentiometer
5 x Cable Ties
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Magnet for Reed Switch
1 x Booklet


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