Clock Mechanism and Hands Pack of 20



Clock Movement & Hands Pack of 20

 A precision quartz clock movement complete with hands, which is self-starting, maintenance free,
and with long time stability achieved by fixed equilibrium. An extremely reliable unit, universally applicable,
and easy to mount with centre fixing (hardware supplied), and integral hanger.
The unit is supplied complete with hour, minute and second hands.
Requires one AA size battery (not included) for up to 2 years running.
CE approved
Temperature range: -10°C to +60°C
Crystal frequency: 32.768 KHz
Operating voltage: 1.2 V to 1.7 V
Median current consumption: 130µA @ 1.5 V
Median running time: 2 years
Dimensions (mm): 56W x 56H x 16.2D (not including mounting boss and hand pivots)
Shaft length: 18.5mm
Second hand: 75mm
Minute hand: 60mm
Hour hand: 42mm


RoHS compliant & CE approved.

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